About Us

Blush 28.04.11-shot13-24349I was born in the UK and grew up seeing my grandfather and father as active photographers specializing in fashion and landscape photography. My creative vision took me into capturing journeys which touch a sense and leave a story or emotion behind. Over time I have developed my own unique style and expertise in photographing – children and families, portraits and doing weddings both Indian and western. Funnily enough working with kids and the rapport I share with them have earned me the title of The Kid Whisperer from my husband Rahul.

My favorite works include: Publishing a photo story of my extensive work with underprivileged children in New Delhi, India 2010, Capturing for kalender 2011- A German volunteer calendar for the month of December. Public installation at Hounslow, London in 2012 presenting two bodies of work from my collection. Along the way I have also done extensive work with young and upcoming music artists such as Arjun Coomaraswamy, Kishan Amin, Hemina Shah, Preeti Menon and many others.

Debashree Mitra Singh



I was an automotive engineer and when that didn’t excite me enough I followed my heart and started taking pictures.  My story into photography is more of the technical ways to create an image.  As an ex-Jessops Assistant Manager, I was deeply involved with workings of cameras and other equipment. Helping others buy a great camera gave me the insights into what people want from their images.

Whilst pursuing my photography dream I also developed an understanding in image processing and have a natural flair for post production, editing. With Debbie I have another set of eyes with an incredible perspective and together we try to create something that would be the perfect image. We are always on the lookout to photograph interesting places, people and events.

 Rahul Singh